Reasons Every Homeowner Should Consider Stone-Coated Metal For Their New Roof

When it comes time for a new roof, choosing the perfect material isn't always easy. Sure, you could decide to just replace it with the same thing that's already there, but what if you're feeling like you want a change? If you're thinking about the best combination of cost-effective material and long-lasting durability, you may want to think about stone-coated steel roofing. You'll get all the benefits of metal roofing with the beauty of stone. Read More 

Four Landscaping Tips For Yards With Clay Soil

If your yard has clay soil, landscaping is going to be a bit more challenging than with rich, silty soil or well-drained loam. However, clay soil does not mean you can't have a beautiful landscaping. Follow these tips to ensure everything grows in lush and green in spite of your soil type. Test your soil pH. Clay soils are often professed to be nutrient-poor, but this is just a myth. The truth is, clay soils are very rich in nutrients, but many are too alkaline -- and the alkalinity makes it difficult for the plants to access the nutrients. Read More 

Live In A Hurricane Zone? Buy A Backup Generator Right Away!

Anyone who lives in a hurricane zone should immediately find a way to purchase a generator before the hurricane season begins. Why? These essential tools can help protect a home and its owners from serious dangers. Hurricane Wind Can Knock Out Electricity During a hurricane, wind is blowing at minimal speeds of at least 74 miles per hour. However, winds in hurricanes can actually be higher than 156 miles per hour in the most severe conditions. Read More 

Four Reasons To Consider A Ranch House When Designing Your Dream Home

If you're planning on building a new, custom home, then you should give serious consideration to a ranch house. These houses became iconic in the post-war era (at one point in the 50s, most new homes being built in California were ranch style). However, interest in style began to wane in later years when large, more elaborate homes, including neo-eclectic styles gained traction with the public. However, ranch floor plans always had admirers, and the interest in it has begun to rise again as homeowners have come to recognize the myriad of benefits that the classic open floor plan ranch home provides. Read More 

Move Over Meat, Time To Grill Some Fruits And Vegetables

A new grill immediately makes you envision seared steaks, juicy burgers, and grilled chicken. Oh yeah, throw in some smoky ribs. But what will you serve with your meat? Since the grill is already hot, why not try something different to go with your main course and add some vegetables or fruits. Here's what you need to know about cooking these healthy foods and how you can make them even more delicious. Read More